Staff was first created in 2002 by J.Gatz and had established a community of over 3000 members.

However on September 1st 2004 Gatz was unable to continue as head of BBF and decided to sell the domain. He sold the domain to SeanJohn who would continue the BBF legacy.

On September 9th 2004, SJ along with Tru OnLy & Xplicit put BBF back online and began the second era of the Network.


SeanJohn: Coding, layout, text, updates, images + forum admin. (Finland)

Xplicit: Artist/Hitmen bios, text + forum admin. (Uxbridge, London)

Tru OnLy: Text, banners for forum + forum admin. (Canada)

Forum moderators

3 the hardway (USA, Atlanta)

Ashi (Leicester, UK)

D RAW (USA, New Orleans, LA)

Ghettowitchdoctor (USA, California)


Toby J. (France)


Upcoming releases

More upcoming releases (and older releases) at the releases section.