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The Lox leaving Bad Boy | Bad Boy Forever

The Lox leaving Bad Boy

The Lox were a vital part of the Bad Boy family in the years 1997-1999. They contributed to the massive dance club banger: ‘It's all About the Benjamin's' and the B-Side to ‘I'll be Missing You' with ‘We'll always miss Big Poppa' as they received massive credentials from the mainstream audience. They followed up with their own smash hits in 1998 with the street hit ‘Money, Power and Respect' and the flossy ‘If You Think I'm Jiggy'. Their buzz was incredible and their album sold well in excess of a million (Platinum) and they were dubbed the underground group of Bad Boy.

However the trio were unhappy with their position, they claimed they were being presented as manufactured and for the mainstream especially in videos when having to wear shiny suits, Sheek later reflected on the matter:
'That wasn’t us, we’re straight up street, we weren’t happy around the shiny suits and fancy stuff. We’ve never been that'

This unhappiness continued as they got frustrated and this accumulated in a massive campaign to get the Lox of the Bad Boy label. There was a campaign with ‘Free The Lox' T-Shirts which the artists themselves rocked in protest against Puffy forcing them to stay on the label due to contract issues. Eventually Puffy allowed them to leave their contract as they joined up with the Ruff Ryder which Jadakiss claimed they always were part of.

Their transition from Bad Boy to Ruff Ryders gave them the street credibility they craved yet their sales suffered with limited sales on their follow up album: ‘We are the streets'. The trio now all have their own solo albums out and have used Bad Boy methods in order to promote their albums such as flossing in their videos yet they have buried the hatchet with Puff Daddy recently appearing on the Loon remix of ‘How You Want That'.