Yung Joc sports a Gumby Slope

The diamond-flooded Hustlenomics “H” on his rope chain is such an eye-grabber it’s sometimes hard to focus on anything else Yung Joc is rocking. That is, until you take a gander at his dome and peep the throwback haircut he’s been sporting. Yup, Joc is on some Bishop in “Juice” type of stuff, taking it back with a Gumby slope.

Before boarding a plane on Friday, Joc admitted that he got the new cut to attract attention. “I wanted my own lane. One thing I’ve learned: You gotta know when the recycling curve takes place. Every 10 years, something comes back in style. Like look at 10 years ago, Master P was the biggest thing out. He was the Ice Cream Man. His ad-lib was ‘ugggh!’ Ten years later, Young Jeezy is hot, he’s the Snowman. His ad-lib is ‘yeeeahhh!’ My haircut is older than 10 years, so you can say the recycling curve comes in 10s and 20s [year increments].

“I knew nobody else was gonna be bold enough to do it,” he added about bringing back the Gumby.

Joc says he was thinking about a retro cut for a while. It was all a part of his master plan to stick out a little bit more. He started with the shell-toe Adidas, but since they were still very much in fashion, he didn’t get the response he wanted. Then he came with the dookie rope but had to find something to separate himself from everybody else like Lil Wayne, Nas and Nick Cannon, who were also wearing ropes. That’s when the “H” came in, and it’s a perfect conversation piece and promotional item for his upcoming summer LP, Hustlenomics.

“I was on 2.7 million Web pages within two days of me wearing the ‘H’ in public. I did the research,” he said. He then took it to his hair, getting elaborate designs like a depiction of SpongeBob cut into his fade. Now here comes the Gumby. “I’m going to get people talking about my haircut; that was always one of my favorite haircuts,” he said.

For the record, Joc says people have been calling his cut “fresh” and “dope.” ...


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