Yung Joc ready to 'put heart' into JSU homecoming concert

Atlanta rapper Yung Joc, at only 23 years old, is living the good life.

He’s had a smash hit single (It’s Goin’ Down), a platinum-selling album (Yung Joc City), and his third single could possibly be his biggest smash yet.

No stranger to Jackson rap fans, Yung Joc will make his third appearance in Jackson in less than a year when he performs at Jackson State University’s homecoming concert tonight.

Yung Joc spoke to The Clarion-Ledger about his future, his fans and his experiences in Jackson.

Q: You’ve had great success with your single It’s Goin’ Down and album Yung Joc City. Are you still riding high?

A: Oh yeah, man. I’m about to go to Japan, and when I get back from Japan I’m doing the Scream Tour. Everything’s been good, I’ve been working hard and the album’s platinum now, so, I’m good.

Q: Other than heading to Japan what’s next on the horizon? Any new singles?

A: Yeah, the new single is called 1st Time, featuring Marques Houston and Trey Songz.

Q: How’s your latest single I Know You See It been doing?

A: It’s been great, man. That’s the one that took me over the edge, over the top.

Q: You’re coming to Jackson for the third time in a year. What keeps you coming back?

A: I think people just like the fact that when I come to their city, I have a good time in their city. ... You just got to have a good time, you got to be personal with the people. You can’t just hit the stage, do the show, boom, and be out, and that’s it.

Q: Do you enjoy performing for college audiences?

A: Well, when they’re there it’s not just because they ain’t got nothing else to do. They really want to be there. ... And a college crowd, most of them are around my age, so we interact a little better and I think we keep up on some of the same things as far as in the news and in the world. We can relate on a lot of issues.

Q: You emceed for the Battle of the Bands earlier this year. What was that like?

A: That was great. That was awesome, man. That was so fun, after that I did a couple more battle of the bands eagerly.

Q: How did it differ from your musical performances?

A: It’s all a challenge. You got to find a way to entertain, and keep in mind you’re dealing with kids, adults and college students. So, your level of interaction has to be so on point, but it can’t go over the kids’ heads … it’s the proper mixture. You got to be ready.

Q: What do you think of Mississippi’s contributions to the rap game today?

A: I think it’s going to come around, and when it does hit, it’s going to be crazy. I think every market, every state, every region, they’re going to have their day. And when it happens, it’s going to happen big. I mean, hell, (David) Banner put y’all on the map stupid, you know what I’m saying? Big. So the next hit that comes out of there is going to probably just really open the flood gates.

Q: Dem Franchize Boyz are performing at the concert, too, and they’re from Atlanta like you. Do you share any connections?

A: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all know the some people, man, you know what I’m saying, we’re from the same part of town and everything like that.

Q: Anything you’d like to say to your fans in Jackson?

A: Just come prepared to have a good time because we’re going to really do it. We’re going to have a great time, I mean, I really put my heart into my shows.


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