Yung Joc: Project Runway

Yung Joc’s catchy hit “It’s Going Down” was deemed the motto of’s 3rd Annual AllHipHop Week and the headlines the House of AllHipHop Fashion Show tonight (Aug. 7) in New York City (Tickets can be purchased at the door or Ticketmaster)!

Like it or not, the rap game and the fashion industry go hand-in-hand. And while it's equally hard to spot what fashion and Hip-Hop trends will catch on next, Sean Combs has been successfully changing his style as easily as his nicknames and, well, his clothes for over a decade. All shiny suit references aside, this is the man who managed to throw the late, great Notorious one in a mink and transform him from “ashy to classy.” These days Diddy remains ahead of the curve with his Sean Jean clothing line and by linking up with Russell “Block” Spencer to sign artists like Yung Joc. Back in April, Joc prophesized his success. Nay-sayers have since been stifled by Joc's “dope boy magic” in creating Bad Boy South its largest buzz to date.

The good thing about trends is that if you initially miss them you can always catch them on the next go round. Sadly, this doesn't mean it's time to bring back that one-piece, reflective jumpsuit you saw Ma$e rocking in the “Mo Money, Mo Problems” video. But, as Yung Joc heads to New York for AllHipHop Week's Fashion Show , and some promotion of his second single “I Know You See It,” we will offer you another chance to get familiar. Last time we talked you had been profiled a few times and “It’s Going Down” was just premiering. What's changed in your eyes?

Yung Joc: Acknowledgement, recognition, and the money. You’re going to be in the AllHipHop Fashion Show, what can we expect you to wear?

Yung Joc: Well, you know I stay fresh-that's just what I do. When I talked to y'all last time, I talked about the kicks, and I like to start my outfits from the shoes up. You know that if the shoe game is right, the outfit is gonna be crazy. So are we talking Evisu's, Roberto Cavalli's or something along those lines?

Yung Joc: I can't tell you; it's a secret. I might come out in some god damn Levi's. You never know, I could end up just rocking some fly ass Dungarees. Well we can at least expect some Sean Jean since you roll with Puff, right?

Yung Joc: Yeah, you can count on that. New York is known for its fashion game, are there any spots you plan on hitting while in town?

Yung Joc: Yep, I'm going to go to a few of them. I've got a couple stylists and people who can pick up some stuff that they know I'd like ‘cause I'll be doing a lot of ripping and running. The “Me & You” remix by Cassie is getting major rotation up North, as a businessman are we seeing the manifestation of your “Lotta Body” jingle writing days?

Yung Joc: It is what it is. When I first heard that record I told them, “This is a record I'm gonna' get on one day,” I told them I was gonna' sneak on the record, and that's what I did. I knew I was hot, but they might've felt that I wasn't ready for that kind of a crossover yet. S**t, I'm just out to show and prove. As we speak “I Know You See It” is climbing up the charts, Atlanta artists have a habit of breaking songs at strip clubs, and this one definitely has that vibe, are you willing to divulge?

Yung Joc: All I can say is that it's the type of record where the women are going to adapt to it first. All of the players are going to take their time and listen to it and see that it's just a [fellow] player speaking his mind to a female. A lot of times, you'll be doing your thing with some females around, and they'll try to act like they act. In your mind you're like, “I know you see it! You see how fly I am, you don't even have to ask.” It's almost like a “why ask why” situation. While we're on the business tip, have you signed anyone to your Mastermind Music label yet?

Yung Joc: Yeah, we've got a group called The Grit Boys, and a solo artist by the name of Young Bet. A few Bad Boy artists have fallen victim to the sophomore slump, as we speak Puff is in a legal battle with 50 Cent over Ma$e. Were you worried about any of this when you and Block signed the deal?

Yung Joc: Nah, man I'm protected by God. All I gotta do is keep praying and spreading this good word and I'm good. With any success comes controversy. In a recent issue of XXL, [Producer,] Nitti stated that he owns 75 percent of the publishing for “It's Goin' Down” and also attacks you as a lyricist. Any response?

Yung Joc: I'mma tell you like this man. In that article, Nitti was upset with the fact that I didn't sign with him. Everything in that article is bulls**t, okay? It is what it is, he apologized for it, and I accepted his apology and kept it moving. He apologized over the radio in Atlanta; we accepted it, and kept it moving.


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