Yung Joc interview by DJ Booth

In order to make it in the Hip-Hop game you need to hustle harder than your neighbor; whom has increasingly turned into everyone who owns a microphone, a MySpace account and an illegal copy of Pro Tools. Just last summer Yung Joc released his Bad Boy debut, New Joc City.

A year later he returns with “Hustlenomics,” a more than accurate title considering what has transpired over the last twelve months. Not willing to settle for mediocrity, Joc turned a cold shoulder to a flurry of harsh album reviews and got his grind on.

The album purely shows Joc elevating his game; his hustle game. During an interview with's DJ ”Z,” Joc explains how he will take Hip-Hop back to the days of Run-DMC and Biz Markie, why he doesn't care if his single “Coffee Shop” is too nursery-rhyme like and what he plans to keep doing that Akon does no more.

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