Unforgivable Woman

Unforgivable Woman, the new perfume of Sean ‘Diddy' Combs, the powerhouse entrepreneur, designer, producer and occasional rapper was unveiled in London last night to a lone violin accompanying a short promotional video of the man himself, perhaps unsurprisingly, having sex.

Staying thematically consistent with the imagery of his male scent, the Unforgivable Woman video featured Combs intimately acquainting himself with a brunette or two. “This ad really gives you almost a fly on the wall view of something happening that is a little risqué,” said Combs somewhat understatedly.

Advertising for the male fragrance, Unforgivable, which sold strongly in the US after its launch in February last year, featured Combs with a woman in his lap and another watching from across the room. Here though, positions are reversed with Diddy taking a rather more sensitive role.

But what of the scent itself? “A breathtaking combination of creamy, floral, warm and luscious notes,” sighs the press release. Genre-wise it's a fruity floriental as are so many new fragrances these days. Combs says he particularly wanted to emphasise the “pina colada note”. “I think we all have an emotional connection to pina colada,” he said erroneously, “I had this vision of a woman being on the beach and the Unforgivable man sees her – and the scent is just the way that feels, the heat of it.”

That heat was evident in the short audio plays being piped into the bathrooms, in which various women confessed to moments of unforgivable behaviour. The one I was privy to featured a woman climbing over the counter at her local kebab shop to, well, insert your own meat related joke here.

Sex, like Diddy, sells. Here then, in Unforgivable Woman, is an irresistible olfactory juggernaut.

For more information visit seanjohnfragrances.co.uk

Unforgivable Woman goes on sale nationally in September. Suggested price £35 for 75ml and £48 for 125ml.


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