Soundslam interviews Yung Joc

Things are definitely happening in the South right about now. And at the center of such happenings is Atlanta. Georgia’s answer to New York City continues to produce hit-makers, and trendsetters on what seems to be a weekly basis. Yung Joc is looking to add his name to ATLiens to make it big in Hip Hop. With his current single “It’s Goin Down” receiving radio play, and a new album titled New Joc City getting ready to drop, this bad boy from the South is setting himself up for stardom.

SoundSlam had the opportunity to chop it up with the recent addition to the Bad Boy family about what sets him apart from his record label brethren and the rest of the Hip Hop community. It’s Goin’ Down!

SoundSlam: [People] tell me that you are the best artist to come out of Atlanta in a long time. [They] also say that not only are you talented but you got a real down to earth personality. I hear you’re also intelligent, very intelligent. Is this all one big Southern hospitality package you got going?

Yung Joc: Yeah, I come from a good upbringing. I was like one of those kids when everybody else was playing Nintendo, I had an encyclopedia in my hand. I had like a microscope. I was a really smart kid but I was also introduced to the hood.

SoundSlam: Yung Joc, do me a favor. Think back for me, way back to before this rap game happened for you. Did you ever imagine you would hear yourself and your music on the radio?

Yung Joc: Yeah! I wanted it so bad, I knew it would happen. I had, and still do have, a great imagination. So I believed it could happen. I have a real passion for music and I just kept doing it, and kept doing it, and it happened for me.

SoundSlam: You talk about your passion for music. Where does the inspiration come from?

Yung Joc: I used to look at concerts on TV and shows coming up. As a teenager coming up, I watched documentaries and I used to see how people were living. I would see things I never had a chance to do. At an early age I guess, you can say I was introduced to real America and work habits. I didn’t like clocking in and clocking out… I ain’t even gonna lie to you. So I was like, ‘I would rather do something I enjoy doing,’ and I been blessed to do so.

SoundSlam: Let’s talk about your new album. What’s the title and when is it going to drop?

Yung Joc: Baby, that thang called New Joc City. It’s dropping basically June 6th.

SoundSlam: What can your listeners look forward to in this album?

Yung Joc: A well-rounded album, it’s not just going to be a one way album. It’s bascically gonna be hood music, club music, and something for the ladies, you know what I mean.

SoundSlam: Okay, that’s what’s up. Any special artists on this album?

Yung Joc: Why yeah, there are but I can’t, and I don’t, want to talk about them. Do you want to know why?

SoundSlam: Yeah, for sho, lets hear it!

Yung Joc: I want to keep it a secret. I want to keep people guessing. Keep everybody wondering.

SoundSlam: Okay, cool. I feel you, but what artist would you like to work with in the future?

Yung Joc: A lot of people, Slim Thug, OutKast, Lil’ Wayne a bunch of cats. Put it like this, anybody doing something! Put it like that.

SoundSlam: On any given day, what do you do to unwind?

Yung Joc: What do I do to unwind? I don’t know because I am so into what I do with my music. Well, I like movies. I’m a movie buff. I really like movies.

SoundSlam: What’s your favorite movie?

Yung Joc: I would say, Saving Private Ryan.

SoundSlam: Why that particular movie?

Yung Joc: I’m a war buff. Like, I would never go flying out and join the military, but I like to watch it happen. To me Saving Private Ryan was the most true to life movie that I’ve seen.


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