Pitbull speaks about Bad Boy Latino

LatinRapper.com talked with Pitbull and Pitbull mentioned Bad Boy Latino:

The label Bad Boy Latino made a lot of news when it was announced that you were involved, but we haven’t heard anything lately. What’s the present situation?
Present story with that, basically what I do for them is like nonexclusive consultant. If I want to bring them an artist, or whatever. But they’re launching their first artist now, Emilio and Diddy, named Christian Daniel. You’ll be hearing about the kid, he’s got great music. As far as everything that went on there, I got an opportunity to work with two men that I idolize, honor and respect as far as business. There were just certain ideas where we didn’t see eye to eye. I just said, other than us bumping heads, why not just do it like this. That’s the situation I got myself into with Bad Boy Latino.

So you’re sort of an A&R?
Not an A&R… Yeah, I guess you can call it that.


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