Jody Breeze: In due time

Many are wondering what is going on with Boyz N Da Hood's youngest member Jody Breeze. He has an album “Day In the Life” which has yet to be released and has kept fans patiently waiting for the project. Last year he released two volumes of his “Best Kept Secret” mixtape with DJ Don Cannon and DJ Ideal respectively, and to keep those same fans salivating for that album. It is now 2007 and the J-O-D-Y Breeze joins WordofSouth to tell the readers what is going on with him.

WordofSouth: Fans first of would like to know, what's going on with the album?

Jody Breeze: Right now I'm doing the Boyz N Da Hood album which is coming out May 15th. I just put out another “Best Kept Secret V.2” mixtape with my dog DJ Ideal out of Miami.

WordofSouth: What about your solo album?

Jody Breeze: I'm sort of caught up in the Boyz N Da Hood shit and my shit. I can't do nothing but one at a time and Boyz N Da Hood keeps coming up. Jeezy gone and we got the new member Gorilla Zoe, so I gotta step it up real big this time just to get my solo shit where I need it to get.

WordofSouth: With Gorilla Zoe being the new member, what do you think he adds to the group?

Jody Breeze: His voice is so dominant, but he'd have to tell you because I can't really tell you what another nigga bringing, but to me he is doing him. He got his own style, he sick, he a real nigga, and he just doing what he do.

WordofSouth: There was a lot of drama behind the last album to go along with Young Jeezy, with this next one do you feel that it will be a much more cohesive unit to have sales top the previous album?

Jody Breeze: The same recipe, same recipe. We grindin' and working hard ya know what I mean, hard work pays off. We in the studio every day and niggas know what we got to do and we doing it. We ain't new to it. We done knocked out like 50-60 songs and we trying to pick the single right now for the album. We all worked with a lot of upcoming street producers like Cosmo, K- Mack, but as far as the major we got Jazzy Pha, we got DJ Quik, DJ Toomp, man we got a long list we just fuckin' with everybody.

WordofSouth: What was recording sessions like this go round compared to the last album.

Jody Breeze: Well I think with this one we a little more focused and we knew what direction we wanted to go in. the first album we were really just getting a lot of shit off our chests. This album we just letting them know that we still here and still in the streets and still do this shit for the hood.

WordofSouth: As far as your album, it seems as if the business isn't straight.

Jody Breeze: Yeah man it's the business part. A nigga gotta get this his business straight that's the number one rule in the industry. I came into the game at an early age and I ain't really know what the fuck was going on with this shit. There are a couple situations that are being taken care of right now.

WordofSouth: As an artist that has went through label politics, what are some things that you could have done better to prevent such situations?

Jody Breeze: Really man I can't complain because I ain't really had a bad situation. I came into the game when I was 18-19 years old and I was signed within two months and I had two deals within six months. I had two videos within a year, so I couldn't complain and shit was going good, but I needed more hands on with my shit. I know what kind of nigga I am and want to be looked up at.

WordofSouth: When you say hands on what exactly do you mean?

Jody Breeze: Having say so about all my shit and what songs to pick. You know just simple shit, but simple shits that counts.

WordofSouth: What was Jody Breeze doing music wise to catch the attention of guys like Block and Jazzy Pha?

Jody Breeze: I was doing a battle contest on the radio station 107.9 (WHTA-FM) and they put up a little car show together and it just happened that Jazzy Pha manager Noo, he was there. He seen me rappin' against this dude and I did him wrong. He called Jazzy and he took me to Jazzy that same day and from then on it was like what's happenin.

WordofSouth: Being that you dropped the “Stay Fresh” a couple of years ago, do you feel that when you come back out solo that you will need to reintroduce yourself to the public?

Jody Breeze: To a certain crowd, but to my fans and niggas that already know me know I ain't went nowhere and I'm just waiting my time. There were a lot of niggas around me and I really gotta get a lot of niggas straight. They got to get their business straight man and I can take care of what I gotta do.

WordofSouth: You dropped a few mixtapes last year, do you plan to release any this year?

Jody Breeze: Yeah I'm a drop another one in three or four months. I do them every six to eight months just to keep me in the streets because that's pretty much where they hear me out. I don't really be trippin' off this label shit because you know what; it's out of my league.

WordofSouth: You got a track with Trae out, which I thought was a surprising hook up. How did you two come together for the track?

Jody Breeze: I met Trae at one of Joc's video shoots and it just so happened that I just had heard about him, I was listening to a song he had about two weeks before that. I fucked around and I bumped into him at Joc's video shoot and we been cool ever since then. He a real nigga and I don't really fuck with too many industry ass niggas so a nigga keep it real with me and I'm a do my best to keep it real too. That's basically how we kick it man. We see each other and do what we do.

WordofSouth: Who are your influences in the game?

Jody Breeze: I probably have to say Pac man, Trick Daddy, 8Ball & MJG, The Hot Boyz, UGK, we had the Kilo's the Raheims, the Luke's, niggas was at the skating rings, so niggas know wasup.

WordofSouth: Are there other business ventures besides music that you are getting into right now?

Jody Breeze: I'm really trying to get into movies and shit like ASAP because I see a lot of rappers getting a lot of big checks with this movie shit. A nigga might need to step in and see who I need to talk to and we'll talk. Just trying to stay out the jail cell and stay on the streets.

Interview by: Leon Baile


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