Fan proposes to Diddy on chat show

A fan on a chat show stunned rap star P Diddy by proposing to him whilst filming an episode.

During The Tyra Banks Show guest Irene was answering questions about her obsession with the rapper, and had no idea that he would feature on the show.

However, when P Diddy burst onto the set through a giant picture of himself Irene said, “I have one question for you. Would you marry me?”

P Diddy, real name Sean Combs, made his excuses saying “I’m not ready for marriage”, but Irene was quick to reply, retorting “You will be in one year and 22 days – I’ll be 18.”

Diddy then told her that he was expecting a second child with his girlfriend Kim Porter, to which the teenager remarked “she’s nothing like me” – leaving the audience in hysterics.


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