Elephant Man "Gets Physical" with Diddy

After releasing an album on VP Records, Elephant Man made the move to Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment late last year. As he preps for his new CD, Ele, aka The Energy God, discussed his new deal and how he adapted to working with Puff.

Though VP and Bad Boy are both under Warner Music Group, Elephant opted to sign with Diddy when courted by the mogul. Apparently, Bad Boy’s lack of dance hall experience doesn’t worry Ele one bit.

“That’s not a concern, but Biggie Smalls that’s our rapper…from Jamaica. And Puffy’s lifestyle is like a Jamaican lifestyle, from nothing to something and he like the music from his heart and him do it from his heart,” the dancehall star told SOHH. “Elephant Man, me do the music from my heart so…my vibe is gonna blend with his vibe because it’s the two same things.”

Ele also has no worries that American listeners may have a hard time deciphering his Jamaican patois. He has a solution.

“They’re not gonna understand everything, but on this album, you dun know it’s a dancehall album. You’re gonna get dance hall, but we collaborate with certain artists from their world that’s gonna put a spice to the stuff, so they can understand the melodies, the hook,” Ele explained. “For instance, they know Rihanna, they know Busta Rhymes, Mya so we’re gonna do some collabos with some artists that’s their flavor, so it’s like best of both worlds.”

Elephant Man’s Let’s Get Physical, featuring production by Swizz Beatz and Lil Jon and guest appearances from Wyclef Jean, Mya, Busta Rhymes and Rihanna, hits stores in August.



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