Diddy`s Kim Porter sending for JLo!

Diddy's longtime girlfriend Kim Porter has sensationally blasted her mans one time beau, Jennifer Lopez.

In an interview with Essence magazine Kim said she always knew she would get back with the Bad Boy CEO during his tumultuous relationship with the Latina singer/actress and claimed “he only fell for [her] booty”.

The former model who recently gave birth to Diddy's twin girls also admitted that she refused Jennifer Lopez from having any contact with their son Christian saying “Does she look like the type that would want to play house with two little black kids?”

When the New York Post asked Jennifer about the comments, Lopez –who is rumoured to be breaking up with her singer husband Marc Anthony – said the following: “I am not going to go there. Look, she knows what went on, I know what went on. And that is where we have to leave it. I am not going to discuss any of the details of that intimate relationship that I had with the public. It’s just not that necessary.”


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