Diddy wraps album and eyes tour

While he has great marquee value, Sean “Diddy” Combs does not have an extensive touring history. The artist is hoping to change that after signing with the William Morris Agency for live music representation. Diddy is also finishing up a long-in-the-works album for Bad Boy. A release date has not yet been set.

“Everything is going to focus around the record, which he is diligently working on now,” Diddy`s WMA agent Brent Smith tells Billboard. “It`s no different from any other hip-hop act; we`re going to look for the right opportunities.”

Smith says WMA international department head Tony Goldring is looking at opportunities in Europe for Combs including festivals. In the United States, “it will be about who else is going out that we think is appropriate and then maybe packaging,” Smith says.

A major urban package for summer 2006 has not yet come together. “Almost every year there is one package that goes out, and this year it is yet to be nailed down,” Smith says. “There`s a bunch of people talking about different things, but there is no definitive hip-hop package out there. We`ll know probably in the next four weeks whether a package is going to form or not.”

For the moment, Smith is focused on Combs` touring potential. “It`s exciting to work with him just because of the realm of possibilities,” he says. “Who doesn`t know him? If you don`t know who Diddy is you`ve been living under a rock the last 10 years.”


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