Diddy upset at cancelled UK gigs after visa row

Rap mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has spoken of his disappointment at being forced to cancel his UK concerts with Snoop Dogg after his fellow hip-hop star encountered visa problems.

Snoop Dogg – real name Calvin Broadus – was refused a visa to enter the UK by the country’s Foreign And Commonwealth Office and attempts to reverse the decision proved unsuccessful.

And touring partner Diddy regrets not being able to bring the road show’s message of peace to the UK leg of the tour, which was due to begin in London on Monday night.

He says, “Snoop and I are both upset about it because we don’t want to let the fans down.

“It doesn’t matter to me about the money that will be lost – I just care about the fans.

“This tour was meant to be about spreading the peace. And with all the gun crime on in England right now I think it would have been appropriate to do the show.”

Authorities have not given a reason as to why Snoop’s visa was declined, but last year (06), the rapper received a police caution for affray following a fight in a lounge at London’s Heathrow Airport.


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