Diddy under fire again over name

Rap mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is in trouble again over the use of his latest monicker, with British musician Richard ‘Diddy’ Dearlove alleging the American is still using their shared nickname in the UK.

The Come To Me hitmaker settled the original lawsuit with music producer Dearlove out of court in September 2006.

He paid damages of $23,000 and agreed to trade as ‘P. Diddy’ in the UK in order to avoid any confusion with Dearlove – who has been trading under the name ‘Diddy’ since 1992.

But Dearlove’s attorney, Iain Purvis QC, argues that while Combs has made the relevant changes to two of his British websites, others bearing the name ‘Diddy’ are still accessible to fans in the UK – including his MySpace page.

Purvis told London’s High Court today, “It may be tough for him, but that is just unfortunate. He has made his bed, he should lie in it.”

Combs, formerly known as ‘Puffy’ and ‘Puff Daddy’, started using the ‘P Diddy’ alias in 2001, but shortened it to ‘Diddy’ in 2005.


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