Diddy says he's the hippest dad to his kids

Sean “Diddy” Combs has got nothing but mad love for his kids, yo, and he’ll tell you he’s one of the coolest young dads in the world.

Diddy recently said he loves being a cool, laid-back dad because it helps him get along with his kids. He admits the best part of it all is that he can also be a friend to his young boys and not just an authoritative figure.

The hip-hop music mogul – who is father to Justin, 12, and Christian, eight – says he can jam to the same beats as his youngsters and check out the same flicks. And with all that bling-bling, they probably have the same taste in flashy presents too.

At a recent London nightclub, Diddy celebrated his 37th birthday on stage with rapper Kanye West. More than 200 people attended the lavish event and drank tequila shots with their celebrity friends.

According to CelebSpin, Diddy said at his London birthday bash, “I can relate so well to my kids. I mean, we like the same sneakers and listen to the same music and go to the same movies, so there’s not that generation gap. So it’s like being a parent, but also being a friend.”

The rapper is currently expecting twin girls with his long-time girlfriend, Kim Porter.


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