Diddy may face copyright trouble over

Though his Unforgivable cologne is flying off the shelves, Sean “Diddy” Combs may soon be in legal trouble for infringing on the trademark of another fragrance.

According to the United States Patent & Trademark Office, Diddy was denied the Unforgivable trademark because the cologne’s name was too close to Unforgiven, a women’s fragrance launched by French perfumer Jacques Evard.

The document dated January 12, states, “The examining attorney refuses registration under Trademark Act Section 2, because the [Unforgivable] applicant’s mark, when used on or in connection with the identified goods, so resembles the mark in [Unforgiven] U.S. Registration No. 2,951,186 as to be likely to cause confusion, to cause mistake, or to deceive.”

The application for Unforgivable’s trademark was filed on July 11, 2005 while Unforgiven’s application was filed on June 1, 2005. Unforgiven’s notice of publication was put out January 25, 2006. There’s no word whether Unforgiven or Evard plans to take legal action.

Aside from strong sales, Diddy’s Unforgivable has had a bumpy road to date. This past January, Midwestern department stores opted not to run the colognne’s sexually suggestive ad. The ad featured Puff lying in bed with two other women, hinting at a ménage a trois.

Diddy is no stranger to lawsuits. This past August, Gregory Hilerbrand filed a complaint that Diddy’s “It’s Not Just A Label, It’s A Lifestyle” slogan borrowed from his “It’s A Lifestyle” slogan. Hilerbrand, who puts the slogan on his clothing, claims he’s sold $325,000 worth of merchandise from 2001 to 2002. Hilderbrand’s suit sought for Diddy to stop using the label, to recover his profits from the label and unspecified damages.

Things have not been all bad for Diddy. As SOHH previously reported, the mogul is preparing a return to reality TV. Diddy is set to produce the celebrity cooking miniseries, “Celebrity Cooking Showdown.”


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