Diddy & Keyshia Cole's night out on the town

Duet partners Diddy and Keyshia Cole (Last Night) turned out to see DMX perform at Mansion on Friday. The duo held court at the corner VIP table where Diddy stood on a banquette toothpick in his mouth, surveying the crowd which included Akon and Scott Storch. Diddy (along with his fellow hip-hop mogul friends) also was seen at Cameo Friday for the launch of Naked Paper’s new shirt line.

Jay-Z, L.A. Reid, Diddy, Pharrell Williams and Jermaine Dupree all showed up in a fleet of Rolls Royces around midnight. Not all was swell, though. When the first round of champagne bottles sent over to them were adorned with sparklers, ‘’ Diddy asked them to be taken off,’‘ says our source. ‘‘He didn’t want to attract attention.’‘ Unfortunately, arriving with a posse of at least six security guards ruined that plan.


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