Diddy "impressed" by Bill Cosby

Sean “Diddy” Combs today praised Bill Cosby for his message of black self-reliance during lengthy radio interview.

“I’m impressed by my godfather Bill Cosby,” he told Doug Banks of the “Doug Banks Morning Show.”

The Hip-Hop mogul was on Bank’s nationally syndicated radio show touting his many ventures-music, television shows, clothing, food, fragrances and a new liquor brand.

Diddy said that he is a lot more conscience of his “power” as a black man and that Cosby, who has been ridiculed by some, has encouraged him to do more for his community.

Cosby, creator and star of “The Cosby Show” sitcom, who has starred in movies and other TV shows, has used his blunt and sometimes sarcastic humor to try and shame parents into taking personal responsibility, stop blaming police for incarcerations, and as motivation to teach their children proper English.

Some blacks, however, have questioned how Cosby can be a moral spokesman for anybody when the actor and comedian cheated on his wife.

Last year, it was reported that Malcolm-Jamal Warner said that he is “a big supporter” of his former television dad’s comments.

Phylicia Rashad has also defended her former television husband.


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