Diddy: If I marry anyone, it'll be Kim

Sean Combs has been dating Kim Porter – off and on – for close to a decade. Their son, Christian, is 9, and they’re expecting twins in December.

So when are they getting married?

“When I’m ready,” Diddy told us yesterday. “I have to be ready to get married. If I marry anyone, Kim will be the woman.” That may not be exactly what Porter has been waiting to hear. Still, with the release today of “Press Play,” Diddy’s first CD in five years, the hip-hop mogul has been showing his most durable girlfriend more respect than he has in the past.

Take that time when he ran off with Jennifer Lopez.

“Kim never really sweated Jennifer,” Combs tells Vibe magazine, which threw him a party last night at Crobar. “She was, ‘Ah, you’re playin’ yourself. … You’re running … around with your little Puerto Rican girlfriend. You’ll be back.’ … And she was right. “Jennifer and me … were so alike. Kim and I are opposite. [Jennifer was] somebody who got it. … The hype can pull you in. ‘Y’all are lookin’ good together.’ … But I couldn’t commit to [Jennifer] the way she wanted me to. Everybody who ever meets the girl winds up marrying or wanting to marry her. I couldn’t be like Cris [Judd] and Ben [Affleck] and Marc [Anthony].”

Combs admits that, when it comes to sex, “I’m nasty. [In the mid-‘90s] I was buck-[bleepin’] wild. Beyond ménage à trois. Crazy — you’re twentysomething and renting the presidential suite at the Hotel Nikko in Beverly Hills. You got the bathtub filled with Champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries. … Then sex became dangerous.

“Then all that energy you were spreading becomes a one-on-one thing. And, yeah, my girl right now is very happy. As meticulous as I am with my work, I’m even more meticulous with my lovemaking. … I like to do it for a long time. Sometimes I’m making love and she’s like, ‘You gonna save some for the honeymoon?’”

When he’s ready, Kim. When he’s ready.


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