Diddy featured on a new "The Come Up DVD: In The Trap Edition, vol. 2"

Back In The Trap with “The Inspirator” Young Jeezy, the Dirty Money Records hood Spielberg Fendi and his DVD favorite The Come Up are down in the ATL right before the Holiday for a chat with The Snowman. After recently hitting you with The Carter Edition, the high grade streets DVD is back with another stash of exclusive footage from your favorite artists.

Riding around the ‘A’ with the #1 trapper in the entire city, The Come Up is shotgun to the streets’ favorite Young Jeezy aka. ‘The Street Dream.’ Going back to Jeezy’s hood, this DVD takes you back to the spots that have become famous in Jeezy’s rap tales. This edition also features Part 2 of the exclusive Lil’ Wayne interview carried over from The Carter Edition. Also popping off on this DVD, you’ll find exclusives from Nas, Papoose, Saigon, Diddy, Alpo, Mysonne, Gillie Da Kid and more.

Diddy: The Bad Boy Records CEO Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs visits his friend Fendi to sound off and pop shit. He’ll have you rolling throughout, including when he pokes fun at Lindsey Lohan and Jessica Simpson, saying he set the ProActiv trend before they joined the bandwagon… Funny sh*t.

Young Jeezy: If riding around Atlanta with The Snowman isn’t enough Inspiration for you, Jeezy explains how he is the true Come Up for going from Trap Or Die to The Street Dream. He says The Come Up means Young Jeezy, because he came up.

Lil’ Wayne: Not afraid to ask any question, The Come Up sits down with Wayne for 40 minutes. The Carter Edition premiered 14 minutes of it and this DVD has another 20, as Fendi asks Wayne about Baby and Weezy F. explains Cash Money’s history.

Nas: The Come Up premieres the “Warning Shots” music video as the Illmatic emcee readies his Hip-Hop Is Dead album release next week.

Lil’ Scrappy & Lil’ Jon: Sharks are in the water as the prince and king of Crunk sit down with The Come Up for what is believed to be their first full street DVD interview. With 15 minutes of tape, the BME boys speak on how they met and started working together.

Saigon: Up in Manhattan, Sai Giddy touches down with The Come Up for an exclusive freestyle and, of course, a little bit of lip service for the camera. Speaking on his upcoming album with Just Blaze, he scolds rappers for trying to be too hard and speaks on new emcees.

The Alpo Story: Harlem’s notorious drug lord Alpo speaks exclusively from jail and uses his time with The Come Up for confession, admitting to murder and unraveling tales of his hey-days atop New York’s drug game.

Also featuring an interview with DJ Clue? as he gets ready for The Professional, pt. 3, exclusive footage with Red Cafe and Gillie Da Kid, the first interview for Mysonne since he came home from his bid and more.

Appearances by

Young Jeezy
Lil’ Wayne
Lil’ Scrappy
Lil’ Jon
Red Cafe
Gillie Da Kid
DJ Clue?

and more.


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