Diddy denies threatening choreographer with a chair

Rap mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has dismissed a complaint by his former choreographer accusing him of assault, insisting her claims are “false.” Laurie Ann Gibson, who appeared on Combs’ MTV reality show “Making The Band,” recently filed an official complaint with the New York Police Department (NYPD) after the hip-hop star allegedly threw a chair at her during filming for the program on April 25.

Gibson told authorities she had gotten into a heated argument with Combs and guest judge Michael Bivins over the performance of the latest group of pop wannabes last month, when she was restrained by Bivens and threatened with a chair by the rapper. She says she managed to break free from Biven’s grasp and left the venue in Greenwich Village, New York, shortly after.

But Combs has rejected Gibson’s claims and dismisses her accusations as an attempt to “take advantage” of his fame.

His lawyer Benjamin Brafman tells the New York Daily News, “This is just another example of a false accusation by someone trying to take advantage of Sean’s success and celebrity status.”

A spokesman for the NYPD confirmed a complaint had been made on May 11, but no criminal activity had been found.


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