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Danity Kane keeping the 'show' going on new CD | Bad Boy Forever

Danity Kane keeping the 'show' going on new CD

The show isn’t stopping for Danity Kane. The “Making the Band 3” quintet, whose self-titled album debuted at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 last August and launched the hits “Show Stopper” and “Ride for You,” plans a fall release for its sophomore set and is already working on tracks for the as-yet-untitled project.

“We’re working on our new album as we speak,” the group’s Aubrey O’Day tells, adding, “Most of the stuff we’re working on right now is our own stuff we’re writing and producing ourselves, within the group, and hopefully will get some placement.”

Bandmate Dawn Angelique Richard admits that the platinum success of “Danity Kane” put some definite pressure on what the group does next. “To me, this is the turning point. This determines whether or not you’re legit,” she says. “The first album was fantastic and has had such success, but I think the biggest thing is your staying power. It’s one thing to have one hit album, but it’s quite another to have longevity, so it’s very important that we make decisions that keep us in the game for a long time.”

Richard says the five Danity Kane members have ProTools on their individual laptops and have been trading song ideas with each other. “Making the Band” producer Diddy remains involved but is also “giving us an opportunity to spread our wings and fly on our own.” The group is considering some of the producers who worked on “Danity Kane” — including Timabland, Scott Storch, Bryan Michael Cox and others — but is also “trying to open up doors for new, independent producers or producers that have been kind of underground and are really talented.”

Also under discussion is another season on MTV, this time documenting the aftermath of the first album’s release, the group’s current concert tour opening for Christina Aguilera and the making of the next album.

“There’s always some type of cameras on us, whether it’s MTV or our own personal cameras,” Richard says with a laugh. And regardless of what MTV does, she says Danity Kane plans to keep its assorted Web sites filled with private and backstage footage.

“We are an Internet-based group,” Richard explains. “We got our success off the Internet, and we definitely talk to our fans with our web sites and our MySpace and want to give them some inside access to Danity Kane with our own cameras.”