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Danity Kane featured in Rap-Up | Bad Boy Forever

Danity Kane featured in Rap-Up

The girls of Danity Kane are featured in the latest issue of Rap-Up Magazine, on stands now! Order it online at or head out to a store near you to pick it up. Also, check out the for an exclusive interview with the girls!

Danity Kane: The Confessional is Closed

Now that they've dropped the video for their first single “Show Stopper,” the women of Danity Kane are ready to wrap their other show. Three seasons of heated competition, “boom-boom kats” and not “trying to sing,” have the tiny twinklers of “Making the Band 3″ ready to step outside the confessional for good. But to have Aubrey, Aundrea, Dawn, Wanita (aka D. Woods), and Shannon tell it, the show didn't reveal their true essences anyway. Comfortably squeezed onto one sofa in an expansive conference room suite at Bad Boy Entertainment, the five women say they can't be defined and don't want to be – especially if the definitions are coming from their show.

What was the most difficult thing about “making the band”?

SHANNON: The beginning was the difficult part because you didn't know where [Diddy] was coming from. It was a competition. He was hard on you. And as you go along, you're forced to understand it 'cause you're trying for this goal to make the band. You're forced to understand either the crazy stuff he does or the incredibly blunt things he says. And now that we're farther along in it, looking back it's completely understandable. He's come at us hard, that way when the media or whomever else comes at us sideways or a fan comes at us hating us… whatever happens, tabloids, whatever, we can stand up and know that we can just keep doing – we can face that wave.

Was it hard for you to bond with each other on a personal level?

AUNDREA: We got really lucky. I think [Diddy] picked a really good combination of girls. We really even each other out. We're not perfect all the time, but we're really finding each other out. I'm not a morning person so Shannon will be like, “Mija, let's wake up,” so we've gotten to know each other really well.
Is there a contestant that didn't make the cut that you wish had?

AUBREY: Honestly, it's in God's hands. We're here for a reason and got picked for a reason. It is what it is. You never wanna hope for something that isn't the case. You're just blessed with the situation that you have and make the most of it. Were there other people that we were close with? Sure, of course. They're my support and they understand the situation, and it's a blessing almost that they're not in it because they can give me an outside perspective.

DAWN: Personally, I still talk to my best friends from the show all the time.

A lot of you did projects before you joined the band and some of those songs are on your personal MySpace pages. Are you also pursuing solo opportunities?

DAWN: We developed our MySpace for the group. We wanted to make sure people knew who we were – all sides of [us]. Having the show sometimes makes it hard for people to really know who you are and what you can do, and sometimes the edit may get it mixed up.

Do you think your true personalities got lost in the edits of “Making the Band 3″?

AUBREY: The show just portrays one specific aspect of each of our personalities. We're all so diverse, and we all have so many different aspects. It's not good or bad. It's a good television show. We get good ratings. It's a blessing that we have it, and now we're trying to move past it and be taken as a legitimate group.
Are you going to do another season?

DAWN: No, I think we're done.
We heard and watched you record several tracks on “Making the Band 3.”

How'd you decide to release “Show Stopper” as your first single?

D. WOODS: I think, because we are coming from the show, you would expect us to have a very happy, poppy, bubblegum sound. We really wanted to tear that stereotype [up] right out the gate. It's a snap record, very urban. We wanted to come in on that level and just be like, “Yeah, we here too.” We can mess with a lot of different crowds because we are a lot of different of things in this group.

DAWN: That was the point of having our name. It's so easy to say, “Oh, she's the sporty one 'cause she wears sneakers,” but no, D is sexy, D is fun. She can be the sporty one. That was a big issue for us. We wanted to be able to define ourselves.

By Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond