Cheri Dennis interview

Interview by Stefanie Philippou

1) MH2- How long have you been singing for?

CD- ” I have been singing since I was a little girl.”

2) MH2- How did you get signed to Bad Boy?

CD- ” Actually a friend of a friend of mine use to work at Bad Boy, and invited Puff to a party, him and Kim Porter came to the party and I kind of just sang over the music, and the ball got rolling from there. I guess you can say for me it was the right place, right time.”

3) MH2- What is it like for you in this business, which, is overruled by the male race?

CD-” You have to be aware of it, I’m conscious of it. I don’t let it dictate how I operate.I just see people, if I’m looking at it, as I’m a woman and they’re men, then I’m already defeated, so I kind of just rock.”

4) MH2- Do you ever feel like you have to work just as hard, or maybe even a little bit harder to be respected just as much?

CD- ” Yeah, maybe in some respects, but I think hard work is hard work whether it’s a male or a female, and respect it for what it is, so I guess in some respect I would have to work a little harder than a man.”

5) You have worked along side, Mase, Babs, Diddy, Jim Jones, Black Rob, just to name a few is there anyone else that you would like to work with that you haven’t already?

CD- ” I’d love to work with Andre 3000, I’d love to work with Kanye West, I’d love to work with Prince, there’s a whole spectrum of artist who I’d love to work with, you know what I mean, but I guess off the top of my head those are some of them.”

6) MH2- There’s many female artist in the industry, what would you say makes you stand out from the rest?

CD- ” My live performance, that’s the joy for me the performance part, if you’re a singer and you cant sing the record like it’s on the radio then that’s disappointing to me. There are a lot of artist and I’m not knocking anybody in particular, I’m just saying, there are some artist that make great records and they don’t perform it, and I guess I would say I kill my live shows.”

MH2- What do you think about people that lip sync?

CD- ” This is a business, and whatever you got to do to get over, more power to you, I don’t lip sync so I could only speak on me, but if that’s what the next person has to do to get it popping than whatever.”

7) MH2- Your single “I Love You” was just released recently, is that dedicated to anyone special?

CD- ” No one in particular.”

7) MH2-Speak about the album a little, for people who are going out to buy it what can they expect?

CD- ” Oh my God, they can expect songs about love, songs about pain, songs about love lost, there just not depressing, its still an upbeat album, we aren’t trying to make anyone jump out the window, it’s a fun album, its an album about relationships.

8) MH2- Who produced it?

CD- ” I got Soul Diggers, I got Timbaland, I got Rodney Jerkins, I got Yogi, I got Missy, those are some of them.”

9) MH2-Did you shoot a video for it yet?

CD- ” Not yet, but I will be soon.”


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