Carl Thomas no more Bad Boy

Shortly after releasing his sophomore album, Let's Talk About It, Bad Boy crooner Carl Thomas seemingly disappeared. Rumors swirled that he fell out Bad Boy label head, Sean “Diddy” Combs, but Thomas tells that it was something far deeper that kept him away. “My brother Duranthany was murdered on Halloween Night in 2004,” he says. “I really didn't have anything to say as far as R&B and music,” he explains. “It was really hard going through that at that time.”

Thomas says it was the gentle pushing from friend and producer Mike City that helped pull him out of his creative rut. “He really got me back on my feet as far as getting back into the studio. He helped me to realize that I had something to say again,” he recalls. After reuniting with City, Thomas is now ready to release his third album, So Much Better on Thom Tunes/Unsung Entertainment.

While he's no longer signed to Bad Boy, Thomas says things ended amicably with Combs. “I never had any personal problems with Puff. I just felt like I was really pacified there. We started to bump heads creatively in the studio and I didn't want those differences to reflect itself in the music,” he says.

Thomas' album, So Much Better, is due in stores June 5.


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