Biggie's family sues Los Angeles again

The family of slain rapper Notorious B.I.G. has filed a second wrongful-death lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles, alleging that rogue police officers were involved in his murder 10 years ago.

The suit seeks unspecified damages on behalf of the widow, mother, and two children of the rapper.

It also names former police officer Rafael Perez and his ex-partner, Nino Durden, contending that they and other police agents conspired in the murder and subsequent cover-up.

The lawsuit also alleges that at the time, Perez was working for Death Row Records, the hip-hop label owned by then-rival Marion “Suge” Knight. Knight has since denied any involvement in the killing.

The Los Angeles Police Department did not have any immediate comment about the suit.

“We don't comment on lawsuits that are in litigation,” Officer April Harding said on Tuesday.

The rapper's family previously filed a similar lawsuit in federal court, which ended in a mistrial in 2005 when it was discovered that a police detective intentionally hid statements by a jailhouse informant linking the killing to Perez and former officer David Mack.

In a related case, a judge ordered the city to pay $1.1 million in legal fees and other expenses to the rapper's family.

The Notorious B.I.G., born Christopher Wallace, was 24 when he was gunned down on March 9, 1997.


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