Babs interview by Rapindustry

Babs made her mark on the music industry with her former group Da Band and became a household name while openly living her life in front of millions during the hit MTV reality show, Making the Band 2. BABS was chosen as one of the six group members out the 40,000 people who tried out for the MTV Reality Show and also won a recording deal with Bad Boy Records.

Bad Boys 1st Lady of the Streets was born Lynese Wiley. She got her big break when working as an usher at an off-Broadway theatre in New York City. “My manager told me about the upcoming auditions for the MTV show and I got off work on a Thursday night and slept outside of the place where they were holding the tryouts.

I was the first person in line, the first person chosen from New York and the first person chosen for the show”, says BABS. Growing up middle class in the Bed-Stuy Brooklyn borough, BABS entered the music industry by dancing for a local rap group, also from Brooklyn, and she eventually started rapping with them. “Thats when I decided to really pursue music and after that group, I got into a group with two other females called 3 The Hard Way; after that didnt work out, I decided to go solo and Ive been putting it down ever since.”

RapIndustry: So Basically let’s hop right into it, you’re working on ya debut solo album, right?
Release date?

Babs: 2007 defintely, no specific release date, but 2007 for sure.

RapIndustry: Who are u working with on the album so far?

Babs: Of course, Bad Boy family, Cherri Dennis, Puff, Eness and reaching out to T.I.

RapIndustry: What have you learned from the TV show, that has helped you in the game?

B*abs: It helped me in every way, it prepared me for doing my solo project. It molded me.

RapIndustry: Alot of people haven’t heard you solo, what can we expect from Babs Bunny?

Babs: Just Brooklyn, all day, I’m bringing it back to the era, of Biggie, Lil Kim and Foxy Brown.
I got street joints and uptempo joints. A lot of variety.

RapIndustry: How do you feel about New York hip-hop right now?

Babs: I’m comfortable with it. Everybody gets their time to shine. New York hasn’t went anywhere.

RapIndustry: Has rap music sacrificed lyricism for commerical sales, in your opinion?

Babs: Well times change, people wanna hear something different right now, I mean the rappers on top right now are from New York, 50 Cent, Jay Z….we aint go anywhere, but….people can chicken noodle soup and party and all that stuff, they can snap they fingers for right now….
but we gonna have back noddin’ they heads in a minute.

RapIndustry: I heard that, what producers have you tapped for this project?

Babs: Well of course, I worked with y’all Flex and Hated….Tony Dofat, Clark Kent, alot of underground producers have that fire!

RapIndustry: Now um, as far female emcess? Is it harder for y’all or easier?

Babs: Harder. It’s harder for me because a lot of females ride off of sexuality to get sales,
and that’s not what I do, I’m about my talent, and also, the TV show, like my fan base is totally different, so, it makes it more difficult because my fans feel like they know me, its more
personal to them.

RapIndustry: Last question, what do u hope people get from this album, what do u wanna accomplish
or prove?

Babs: I deserve my slot in the game. I’m not an actress, I’m an emcee.
And alot of female emcees haven’t been sellin’ units, I don’t mean like the Missys, and Lil Kims. They sell.. but, they the real lyrical female emcees, so I need the #1 slot first week sales to
prove that we can sell records and should be taken seriously.

RapIndustry: Number 1 slot first week, I think we gonna see it in 2007, any shout outs?

Babs: The whole Bad Boy Team, Brooklyn…and holla at my myspace page: and of course you Flex….holla..


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