Babs arrested

Bad Boy rapper Babs of Making The Band fame was arrested early Saturday (June 24) after an altercation at a Brooklyn, N.Y., house party.

According to representatives, Babs spent the night in jail after an incident involving two unidentified women. One woman allegedly believed Babs had stolen her former lover.

The two women showed up at the rapper’s home and accused her of dancing and flirting with one woman’s boyfriend, according to Babs’ publicist.

The women eventually left because Babs did not go outside at that moment, but she later showed up at the apartment of one of the women, with two friends, the publicist said.

The woman called the police and accused someone of keying and scratching her car. When the cops showed up, she told them Babs had threatened her.

“They threatened not only me but my family and anyone that knows me knows I don’t play when it comes to my family,” Babs told in a statement released by her representative Alyse Feldman, who was also present at the party.

A restraining order was issued against Babs, who spent the night in a local jail and was ordered to stay 100 feet away from the woman.

“The woman knew Babs was the one wearing the red hat so of course she is going to say it was her,” Feldman added. “She wants Babs to pay for supposedly trying to steal her boyfriend. The charges are absolutely ridiculous!”

Babs is slated to make an appearance in a Brooklyn court this morning to answer the charges


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