B5 - What were working on

B5 talks about what they are working on right now at their MySpace Page:

Hey whats up everyone this is B5, and we just wanted to let everyone know what were working on right now.

First, we got dress practice today, wait till u see the outfits and the show we put together for u. and we also have the online TeenMusic Chat at 2pm, make sure everyone is on there for it so we can talk to all of u.

As u know were about to head out on the RUSS PARR TOUR this week, and we know there’s alot of fans that wont be able to come out to the show’s, but not worry, we will be doing a Video update after each show, so all the fans can follow us on our tour.

Thats about it for right now. Dont wont to give to much out. lol,

We just want to take this time to THANK ALL THE FANS, OLD AND NEW, for supporting B5.
Our Fans are the reason we do what we do.


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