Another new signing to Bad Boy South

Sean ‘P-Diddy’ Combs and Block Entertainment/Bad Boy South prepare to release the four member boy group, FINAL DRAFT, already blowing up the scene in Atlanta with their debut single ‘What is Luv’ produced by Sam Salter.

“Block Entertainment and Bad Boy South's new R&B act Final Draft is a group that will definitely rock the crowd.” Sean ‘P-Diddy’ Combs.

When a major music mogul like Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs, who has spent over a decade of his career scouting and molding some of the world's greatest talent gives you the stamp of approval and vouches for your star potential, it is a sure bet that his prediction will come to pass. So begins the saga of four young men known as FINAL DRAFT who are destined to entertain for generations to come and partake in a magical journey of what is soon to be storied career.

Based in the musical hotbed of Atlanta, Georgia, FINAL DRAFT is the prototype for what a male singing group should aspire to be. With the right mixture of good looks, boyish charm, incredible voices, edgy appeal and hypnotic dance moves, they just might be the boys next door that mamas approve of or the boys down the block that daddies might raise a curious eyebrow to.

From their lively, fresh and flawless vocals, to their engaging lyrics and electrifying stage show, FINAL DRAFT is a group that you can grow with – not only because of their appeal as a solid, artistically-inclined unit but also because of the unique flavor that each member brings to the microphone. MC/singer D-Nice, 19 is brash and playful with a hint of east coast swagger; Fashun, 18, flows over his verses with the lyrical prowess of a veteran rapper, also sporting an air of mystery that keeps the ladies guessing; singer PB, 21, is a showstopper who clearly loves the stage. His voice drips with the nectar of sweet soulfulness; and JC, 17, is vocal versatility at its best, delivering the goods on either slow or up tempo joints and floating across the stage with commanding agility.

Once FINAL DRAFT performed together, the lifelong friends realized their musical force was greater as a quartet than as soloists, which ignited the first of many sparks. Their sound and approach to music is so diverse, even chart-topping rapper and platinum-producer David Banner complimented the group on their inviting, soulful, debut track by saying, “I love the single “What is Luv,” because it makes you really think about some stuff. I played the song over and over while riding in a limo to Tallahassee.”

“What Is Luv,” their lead single, is a sweet, soaring ballad that showcases the group's melodically satisfying range while singing about the intricacies of young love. La Face Records Alumni and R&B singer, writer, producer, Sam Salter who produced the single says, “The vocal styles of these guys are crazy hot on this song.”

Block, CEO of Block Entertainment and President of Bad Boy South comments in true Hip-Hop fashion by stating, “These boys are tight. I like everything they represent and bring to the label. ”

Guest appearances on the forthcoming album include Jody Breeze (Boyz in the Hood) and Tuere while production comes from Deezle, Bird (50 Cent, Xzibit, Lil Scrappy) and Infamous (Def Jam.)

Prominent Atlanta based DJ Greg Street of V-103 recently chose the single as the ‘V-Jam of the Day’ and said, “This song from Final Draft is hot. Keep doing it Block.”

In addition to being chick-magnets, the young men of FINAL DRAFT are also concentrating on the business end of music as well, making sure they are completely involved in the songwriting and production process of making their record to creative video, marketing and promotional concepts. Astonishing dancers, performers and vocalists, D-Nice, Fashun, PB and JC are proving that age is truly a number. Becoming real men, respecting women and abiding by the “good home training” their families instilled, maturing into adulthood is a large part of who these guys are. While FINAL DRAFT is indeed their name, for these imaginative and educated artists, their journey to greatness has just begun.

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