Aasim on 25 To Life Soundtrack

Aasim and Jae Millz deliver “God With The Flow.” The Queens rapper teams up legendary NYC battle rapper for a slick blast of Harlem juice. That both of these cats have been touted as the next big things but still have yet to drop albums makes the track a wonderful appetite whetter.

Additionally Jay Live gives us “Dark Corner,” one of the more musically upbeat numbers included. And another one time hyped MC, Shyne, is represented with the dark angelic floss of “More Or Less.” (as with the segue of Guerilla Black into Pac, this one seems premeditated as both Aasim and Shyne were once heralded as the saviors of Bad Boy Records).

Interestingly enough there’s really only one bona fide classic included on this portion of the soundtrack. “Criminal Minded” is the titular jam from Boogie Down Productions’ 1987 debut album. It serves as an interesting juxtaposition to “Black Cop,” the other KRS-One dominated track used in the game as it presents the rapper at two distinctly different periods of his career.

As with Disc 01, the second 25 To Life disc delivers a nice cross-section of rap, pulling from all the dominant regions: NYC, the Midwest, the Dirty Dirty, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area. While it tends to focus more on less established and more off-the-beaten path artists, it also seems to lack some of the overall transitional flow of Disc 01. In this respect it comes off like a slightly more disjointed mixtape.


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