8Ball & MJG launch labels

Bad Boy artists 8 Ball & MJG celebrated the launch of their new respective labels 8 Ways Entertainment and MJG Entertainment on Wednesday (Oct. 25) in their hometown of Memphis, Tenn.

A variety of industry tastemakers and DJ’s attended the invite-only event, held at Memphis Botanic Garden.

The first release from 8 Ways will be the Navarre distributed compilation titled Light up the Bomb, which features rappers signed to the new imprint, while MJG will release Da Volunteers’ debut effort What’s Yo Favorite Color via MJG, which is distributed by Select-O-Hits.

“We both have our separate situations because we both have different projects we are working on,” 8 Ball told to AllHipHop. “But its all love. Some of MJG’s artists are featured on my compilation and some of mine are on his project. We are businessmen.”

Various rappers from Memphis were present to support 8Ball & MJG’s latest business venture.

“Like me, their legends,” said Al Kapone. “I’m always supporting the M-Town. That’s what it’s about. It’s not about the beefin’ and all that. It’s all about the unity and I’m glad to be here.”

In related news, 8Ball & MJG are gearing up for their silver screen debut in a self-produced as-yet-untitled comedy that starts filming next year.

“It’s like Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke, “ MJG revealed. “It’s us in a lot of ways. Life has been one big adventure. In the movie, we’re always getting into something because we’re high. We’re definitely some ‘stoners.’”

The flick will be directed by Christian Strickland ( Clean Up Men ).

8 Ball’s Light up the Bomb compilation and Da Volunteers’ What’s Yo Favorite Color will be released on Oct. 31.

8 Ball & MJG are also putting the finishing touches on their upcoming Bad Boy album, Ridin’ High.


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