8Ball departs from Mjg momentarily

Memphis rap legend, 8Ball, of 8Ball & MJG fame, is covering new ground with the release of a solo album. In conjunction with his own 8Ways Entertainment, 8Ball is premiering Light Up The Bomb on October 31 alongside appearances for MJG, Juvenile, Big Gipp and more.

Although the duo is currently in the studio working on the follow-up album to the previously certified gold album, Living Legends, 8Ball is embarking briefly on the solo trail. According to their website, the duo’s next album together is entitled Ridin’ High and will be released yet again on Bad Boy Records.

In the meantime, Light Up The Bomb is expected to ride high off of the lead single, “Time2HitDaClub.” The tracklist for the project reads:

1. “M Gang” featuring MJG

2. “Purple Stuff”

3. “Swervin’”

4. “Time2HitDaClub”

5. “Da Fight”

6. “Clear It Out”

7. “Barney Phife”

8. “Battle Field” featuring Dirt Bag & Bigg Gipp

9. “Let It Be Known”

10. “Sit Back”

11. “Anotha Level”

12. “This Ain’t That” featuring MJG

13. “Yo Bitch” featuring MJG

14. “The Greatest” featuring Juvenile


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