50 Cent tells why he ended beef with Diddy

50 Cent has revealed to MTV UK News he dropped his beef with Diddy after Mr Combs called him first to apologise.

The two were at loggerheads over a fluffed business deal regarding rapper Mase’s move from Diddy’s Bad Boy record label to Fiddy’s G-Unit.

Fiddy verbally attacked Diddy on his mixtape ‘Hip-Hop Is Dead: G-Unit Radio Part 22' after things went wrong, and Puffy reportedly hit back in one of his new tunes with the line ‘I'm richer than you b*tch'.

However now it seems, they're bezzies.

Fiddy explained, “We were making a deal and then communications dropped after I had invested my time and energy into creating a project. So that was clearly a disrespect – until he called and made it clear.

“He called right as I released my music and we actually had our conversations that made things ok.

“It's all over with now, we actually communicate with each other following that.”

And now 50’s busy making his new album.

“It's 60 per cent done,” he told us. “Expect a tsunami.”


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