50 a fan of Black Rob

WHAT!! 50 was recently here at a local radio station in norfolk called hot 102.1 and was there with mobb deep promoting them and there new sinlge have a party! Anywas back to business 50 was later asked what he is listens too other than gunit material he stated that, “I enjoy alot of the south, You know Young Jeezy, and the disturbing the peace lp, but as far as east coast no one really knows but i’m really feelin’ the new Black Rob…

He’s really underated and shouldn’t be takin’ lightly”. Then one of the radio host asked if he was to signed Rob would he think he’ll go platium and 50 said, “no doubt he’s hot and it jus sucks that Diddy aint taking care of he’s artist like he should.. He doesn’t have time 4 his artist! That the opposite of me every thing I do is 4 my artist”. Then he disgust Mobb Deep new lp Blood Money coming soon march 21st.


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